How to Organize Your Bathroom Vanity When you DON'T Have Drawers

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Today's post is all about bathroom organization.

One of the things that I think is the worst is when a bathroom DOESN'T have drawers.  I need drawers.  I have things to put in drawers.  I don't know anyone who doesn't.  But do you wanna know what's worse than no drawers? One big open cabinet with NO shelves.  It makes storing things so difficult and cluttered, but today we're going to solve that!

The first step was figuring out how to make the most of the space. I knew I needed a shelf or two in there to add height and utilize the space properly.  So I measured my cabinet and decided how wide and long I wanted them and we went over to Lowes and picked up some wood and had them cut it to the size we needed.  The wood we got was 1" thick x 12" wide x 8' long.  That was enough for our two shelves that were 18" long x 12" high.

We weren't going to make anything super difficult as these are just a temporary solution so we just decided to use some screws to screw the top plank into the legs of the shelf.  Thanks to my love for being the drill model. :)

Next up I just wanted to paint them white.  I didn't feel like painting the whole shelf was necessary so I just painted the top and the front edges since that is all you can see.  If it was a more permanent solution I would have painted or stained the entire thing!

Next up we needed to gather all of our supplies to organize.  I first made a list of different categories of things I needed to store under the sink and then I headed over to Marshall's and picked up some baskets and acrylic organizers to get the job done.  Marshall's is a great place to get these things because they are so affordable and still cute!  The dollar tree even has great organizers as well!  Always buy more than you think you need and you can return whatever you don't use later.

Before organizing I like to take everything out of the cabinet and purge things I don't need or expired products.  It makes the process SO much easier.  Here is the before of what the cabinet looked like.

It's not awful, but it is definitely not organized or easy to find things at all.

Once I have all my supplies and products in order I just start putting things away.  I grabbed these awesome over the door bins to save some more space in the cabinet and the work great!

They were originally silver but I spray painted them white just to give everything a more cohesive look.

I just kept organizing and placing things where I wanted them until I was happy with how it looked and functioned.

Tip: Use cute baskets or bins to store unattractive things to make it look more organized and clean! Also you can put your q-tips and cotton balls in cute jars with a label out as decor to make them accessible and cute!  I did not put mine on the counter as there is no room, but if I add shelves over the toilet I would put them there!

Once everything was where I wanted it I broke out my trusty label maker and labeled everything.  Even though I can see what is in the clear organizers I find that labeling them keeps things organized and keeps everything in it's place when I go to put it back or buy something new!

And that's it!  The bathroom vanity is so much cleaner and it is so much easier to find things that I need because it is so organized!

I hope this helps some of you out who are having the same problem and if you want to see more things like this give it a like and share it to help some peeps out :)

Farmhouse Entryway: Mini Refresh

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hiiiii friends! Today we're gonna talk about my parents entryway to their house.

I feel like there is so much you can do with an entryway to really set the tone and style for the rest of your house, but still be functional for your day to day life, which of course is the most important part.  We didn't make any major updates but these few little touches really made the space.

They moved into this house about 3 years ago once we all went off to college and moved out.  We lived in a good sized house for about 13 years, and it was perfect for our whole family.  But once we all left and my parents were empty nesters, they knew they wanted to size down because they just didn't need that much space anymore.

  This house doesn't have a separate mudroom or a huge entryway so we needed to think of something that would work for this smaller space but still be attractive since it is still visible from all rooms in the house.

I wanted to keep things functional and my mom knew she wanted a bench, so a bench with drawers for more storage was the perfect solution.  We also added a coat rack next to it for some coat storage since they do not have a coat closet.

My mom updated the paint on the walls with the same farmhouse green color as the rest of the living room.  She also laid these same wood vinyl planks she used in her kitchen down over the existing flooring from Ollie's Bargain Outlet, which really brought the space together and created a cohesive look throughout the house.

Vinyl flooring is a great option if you want to update your floors and you're on a budget, and they're easy to put down yourself too!

Of course there are other options such as wood grain tile which would be perfect for the entry because they are durable and can stand everyday wear and tear.  They are also waterproof, stain proof, and scratch resistant.  Here is an example of a wood grain porcelain tile from Home Depot.

These were the "bones" of our design.  Because it is such a small area we could not add a ton of stuff or it would just feel crowded as soon as you walk in.  

Next up we wanted to add lighting because that corner of the house can get relatively dark.

We used these pedant light kits from Amazon and just hung them from the ceiling with a simple wall hook.  We added some round clear light bulbs from the dollar store and they were done! 

Simple solution but it adds so much.  You could also use vintage Edison bulbs if you wanted a warmer and more muted light.

Now that we have lighting we are moving on to my favorite part, finishing touches and decor😍

I hand painted this large canvas for my mom to hang above the bench.  I got the inspiration from the canvas that was hanging above a table in Shanty 2 Chic's blog post about how to make a farmhouse console table.  

At the time I made this canvas I did not know how to make a wood frame for it, so instead I painted just a simple black border around it and I still think it made it pop against the wall!

To finish off the space we just added some throw pillows to the bench and it was done!  I love how cute this space turned out even though it is so simple.  I can't wait to share more projects like these with ya'll!

Botanical Color Scheme for the Plant Lover

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ever since I started my studies as an Interior Designer one of my favorite parts of the process was picking the color scheme.  Not only is that a super important part of the design process because it sets the whole tone for the room and dictates the direction you will go.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this Sunday, I thought I would do a green color scheme for my first post about color palettes.  I am absolutely OBSESSED with dark greens paired with brown leather and wood right now, and have been for awhile, so that also inspired this gorgeous palette I created for the whole house. I love an earthy color scheme😍

I created this scheme using colors from the 'Resene' paint line and they are so perfect!

1. Cardin Green

I think this dark green color is so beautiful and perfect for the front door and/ or shutters because it stands out, but isn't too in your face.  I also think this color would look GOREGOUS as an exterior house color.  If you aren't too keen on a contrasting green on the exterior of your house, this color would also look great as an accent wall in a living room!

2. Alabaster

Alabaster is a great off white color perfect for trim and doors.  Its not too stark white so it won't blend in with a stark white ceiling but will still keep things looking clean.

3. Gecko

I chose this color as a feature wall for a study or a den.  It will still add some interest in the room while not being too distracting, as these rooms are for focus and comfort and you want calming colors to keep you calm and collected.

4. Zuccini

Zuccini is another one of those deep greens that I am a sucker for.  I think this color is perfect for kitchen and dining room walls, especially if you have white cabinets and white backsplash.  Keep in mind, you don't want to choose a dark color for a closed off space, so if your spaces are small and closed off feel free to go for a lighter green and lighter accents to open the space!

5. Eighth Friar Grey

This color is perfect for the main living space walls as well as bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, etc.  It is such a great neutral but still gives a little more interest rather than just using plain white.

6. Laurel

Again, this color I would use as a accent wall in a bedroom or living room.  This color would also be great as that lighter alternative for closed spaces as I mentioned above.

Like I said earlier, I got all of my inspiration from Pinterest, like pretty much always.  I saw a lot of photos with brown leather sofas and white rugs over light hardwood floors and I think those tie the space together perfectly.

I also think that this classic Ikea light fixture pictured above would look gorgeous over a mid century modern dining table in this home.

I think any home with this color scheme would look gorgeous even if you use the colors in different rooms in your own way!  There are so many things you can do with these colors to work with your home, and I hope I get to see more people grabbing this trend and running with it!

Old Stereo Cabinet turned Rustic

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Welcome back!  I hope you are enjoying my content and posts so far, I know I am having a blast writing them!

Our next furniture flip project was this old stereo cabinet we found at the Goodwill for just $20, and it actually works!  By we, I mean my fiancĂ© found it and just had to have it because he is an impulse buyer as well as huge vinyl lover, but thank god for that because it was so worth it!

This is what the finished piece looks like and it looks AMAZING!  It doesn't even look like the same piece.

Here is what the piece looked like right after we brought it home.  Cute, but not exactly our style.

To start off the project as always, I scrub and scrub and scrub to get this thing clean.  Next up, I removed the side doors where the speakers are and I also removed all he hardware because I wasn't exactly loving the style of them.

I patched the holes where all the screws were and sanded the wood filler down, and I was ready to prime!

I bought a primer that prevents bleed through as well as works over shiny surfaces, and I wasn't a huge fan of it because it dried clear rather than white, but it worked and got the job done!  I let that dry for a full 24 hours and then it was time to paint!

I used this chalk style paint in white, and painted about 4 coats on this bad boy.  I feel if my primer would have dried white I wouldn't have had to do so many coats but it still had an amazing finish and was a great paint to try out!

I sanded lightly in between each coat and once the final coat of paint was applied I let it dry for a full 24 hours before the final step.  After it was completely dry I began distressing it with a medium grit sandpaper.  I distressed all the edges and places where it would typically get the most wear and then I was done! I decided not to add any hardware back on since the middle portion weren't functional cabinets and I still love the way it looks!

This piece was such a steal and I am so happy we added it to our collection! I can't wait to play some vinyls on this beauty😍

Vintage Desk Makeover

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hi Everyone!  This is my very first blog post EVER, so bear with me.  I completed my first solo furniture makeover this past December and I thought I would share it with you guys.

My fiancĂ© moved into his first off campus apartment for his senior year this year.  Off campus apartment means no furnished room.  So, he was starting rom scratch.  He is a software engineer so having a desk was crucial to this space.

Luckily my old boss had received this amazing large, solid wood, vintage desk from someone and did not want it, so I took that off her hands immediately because it was such an awesome piece.  Moving this thing took a lot of muscle and luckily we had a lot of help because it was so worth it.

Unfortunately I do not have any before photos of the desk, I totally forgot to take some.  But just picture a huge, old mahogany colored desk and thats pretty much it.

This was the piece once it was completely done and waxed, and I LOVE IT!

To complete this piece I began by cleaning the absolute crap our of it to ensure the paint adhered as good as possible and to prevent it from peeling off.  Then I filling some of the knicks and scratches with some wood filler.  There was also massive gouges inside the desk where the chair slides in, so I filled those with some wood filler as well.  I let it all dry and sanded it down to make it completely smooth!

Then it was time for the fun part, paint!  I used Dixie Belle's chalk style paint in the color caviar to paint the entire desk.  I only had to paint 2 coats on the desk because this paints coverage is absolutely amazing!  I lightly sanded in between coats with a 280 grit sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish.

I let that dry and cure for 24 hours before adding my finish.  

After it was completely dry, I added Dixie Belle's 'Best Dang Wax' in clear.  I just used a rag to apply the wax and then buffed it out with a lint free cloth.  I let that cure for 24 hours before putting anything back on top of it and VIOLA his desk was finished. 

My fiancé loves his new desk and how masculine the original wooden drawer pulls make it feel, and still feeling modern because of the sleek black look.

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