Botanical Color Scheme for the Plant Lover

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ever since I started my studies as an Interior Designer one of my favorite parts of the process was picking the color scheme.  Not only is that a super important part of the design process because it sets the whole tone for the room and dictates the direction you will go.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this Sunday, I thought I would do a green color scheme for my first post about color palettes.  I am absolutely OBSESSED with dark greens paired with brown leather and wood right now, and have been for awhile, so that also inspired this gorgeous palette I created for the whole house. I love an earthy color scheme­čśŹ

I created this scheme using colors from the 'Resene' paint line and they are so perfect!

1. Cardin Green

I think this dark green color is so beautiful and perfect for the front door and/ or shutters because it stands out, but isn't too in your face.  I also think this color would look GOREGOUS as an exterior house color.  If you aren't too keen on a contrasting green on the exterior of your house, this color would also look great as an accent wall in a living room!

2. Alabaster

Alabaster is a great off white color perfect for trim and doors.  Its not too stark white so it won't blend in with a stark white ceiling but will still keep things looking clean.

3. Gecko

I chose this color as a feature wall for a study or a den.  It will still add some interest in the room while not being too distracting, as these rooms are for focus and comfort and you want calming colors to keep you calm and collected.

4. Zuccini

Zuccini is another one of those deep greens that I am a sucker for.  I think this color is perfect for kitchen and dining room walls, especially if you have white cabinets and white backsplash.  Keep in mind, you don't want to choose a dark color for a closed off space, so if your spaces are small and closed off feel free to go for a lighter green and lighter accents to open the space!

5. Eighth Friar Grey

This color is perfect for the main living space walls as well as bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, etc.  It is such a great neutral but still gives a little more interest rather than just using plain white.

6. Laurel

Again, this color I would use as a accent wall in a bedroom or living room.  This color would also be great as that lighter alternative for closed spaces as I mentioned above.

Like I said earlier, I got all of my inspiration from Pinterest, like pretty much always.  I saw a lot of photos with brown leather sofas and white rugs over light hardwood floors and I think those tie the space together perfectly.

I also think that this classic Ikea light fixture pictured above would look gorgeous over a mid century modern dining table in this home.

I think any home with this color scheme would look gorgeous even if you use the colors in different rooms in your own way!  There are so many things you can do with these colors to work with your home, and I hope I get to see more people grabbing this trend and running with it!

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