Farmhouse Entryway: Mini Refresh

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hiiiii friends! Today we're gonna talk about my parents entryway to their house.

I feel like there is so much you can do with an entryway to really set the tone and style for the rest of your house, but still be functional for your day to day life, which of course is the most important part.  We didn't make any major updates but these few little touches really made the space.

They moved into this house about 3 years ago once we all went off to college and moved out.  We lived in a good sized house for about 13 years, and it was perfect for our whole family.  But once we all left and my parents were empty nesters, they knew they wanted to size down because they just didn't need that much space anymore.

  This house doesn't have a separate mudroom or a huge entryway so we needed to think of something that would work for this smaller space but still be attractive since it is still visible from all rooms in the house.

I wanted to keep things functional and my mom knew she wanted a bench, so a bench with drawers for more storage was the perfect solution.  We also added a coat rack next to it for some coat storage since they do not have a coat closet.

My mom updated the paint on the walls with the same farmhouse green color as the rest of the living room.  She also laid these same wood vinyl planks she used in her kitchen down over the existing flooring from Ollie's Bargain Outlet, which really brought the space together and created a cohesive look throughout the house.

Vinyl flooring is a great option if you want to update your floors and you're on a budget, and they're easy to put down yourself too!

Of course there are other options such as wood grain tile which would be perfect for the entry because they are durable and can stand everyday wear and tear.  They are also waterproof, stain proof, and scratch resistant.  Here is an example of a wood grain porcelain tile from Home Depot.

These were the "bones" of our design.  Because it is such a small area we could not add a ton of stuff or it would just feel crowded as soon as you walk in.  

Next up we wanted to add lighting because that corner of the house can get relatively dark.

We used these pedant light kits from Amazon and just hung them from the ceiling with a simple wall hook.  We added some round clear light bulbs from the dollar store and they were done! 

Simple solution but it adds so much.  You could also use vintage Edison bulbs if you wanted a warmer and more muted light.

Now that we have lighting we are moving on to my favorite part, finishing touches and decor😍

I hand painted this large canvas for my mom to hang above the bench.  I got the inspiration from the canvas that was hanging above a table in Shanty 2 Chic's blog post about how to make a farmhouse console table.  

At the time I made this canvas I did not know how to make a wood frame for it, so instead I painted just a simple black border around it and I still think it made it pop against the wall!

To finish off the space we just added some throw pillows to the bench and it was done!  I love how cute this space turned out even though it is so simple.  I can't wait to share more projects like these with ya'll!

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