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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hi Everyone!  This is my very first blog post EVER, so bear with me.  I completed my first solo furniture makeover this past December and I thought I would share it with you guys.

My fiancé moved into his first off campus apartment for his senior year this year.  Off campus apartment means no furnished room.  So, he was starting rom scratch.  He is a software engineer so having a desk was crucial to this space.

Luckily my old boss had received this amazing large, solid wood, vintage desk from someone and did not want it, so I took that off her hands immediately because it was such an awesome piece.  Moving this thing took a lot of muscle and luckily we had a lot of help because it was so worth it.

Unfortunately I do not have any before photos of the desk, I totally forgot to take some.  But just picture a huge, old mahogany colored desk and thats pretty much it.

This was the piece once it was completely done and waxed, and I LOVE IT!

To complete this piece I began by cleaning the absolute crap our of it to ensure the paint adhered as good as possible and to prevent it from peeling off.  Then I filling some of the knicks and scratches with some wood filler.  There was also massive gouges inside the desk where the chair slides in, so I filled those with some wood filler as well.  I let it all dry and sanded it down to make it completely smooth!

Then it was time for the fun part, paint!  I used Dixie Belle's chalk style paint in the color caviar to paint the entire desk.  I only had to paint 2 coats on the desk because this paints coverage is absolutely amazing!  I lightly sanded in between coats with a 280 grit sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish.

I let that dry and cure for 24 hours before adding my finish.  

After it was completely dry, I added Dixie Belle's 'Best Dang Wax' in clear.  I just used a rag to apply the wax and then buffed it out with a lint free cloth.  I let that cure for 24 hours before putting anything back on top of it and VIOLA his desk was finished. 

My fiancé loves his new desk and how masculine the original wooden drawer pulls make it feel, and still feeling modern because of the sleek black look.

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