10 Packing and Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier & Free Printable!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

WE ARE MOVING!!! Guys, I can't believe we are finally moving into our own place!  We are so so excited to have a space of our own and I can't wait to share it with you guys.  There are going to be so many decorating and DIY posts coming your way so get excited!

As I am packing up our lives getting ready to move, I realized that we own SO much stuff and that packing and moving is HARD.  That's why I compiled a list of 10 tips to make my life, and most importantly, your lives so so so much easier when packing and preparing for a move.

AND I even made a handy free moving to-do list and packing boxes guide for you to download and print!😍 Grab yours after reading this post and get to packing! :) 



Boxes (duh meg)
Packing Tape
Colored Labels / Tape
Handy Free Checklist (made by yours truly)
Masking Tape
Plastic Wrap
Garbage Bags

TIP #1: Collect Boxes

Start collecting boxes as soon as you know you're moving.  Have people save them for you or go to a store and ask them if you can have their left over boxes from shipments.  There are so many free ways to get boxes and collecting them early will save you so much time and stress!

And if you aren't able to get any for free, Lowe's and Walmart sell them for so cheap!


I promise you when I say this will make your life SO much easier when packing.  Declutter and donate things that you do not need before you start packing.  Go through your junk, or your clothes, or whatever it may be and donate / sell what doesn't benefit you.

Minimizing will make things so much easier for your move and will prevent you from having a ton of stuff you don't know what to do with when you get to the new place.


This tip is a money and space saver let me tell you.  Wrap your fragile items like picture frames, dishes, knick knacks etc. in your t-shirts.

You don't need to go out and buy packing paper and you're killing two birds with one stone by packing your fragile items and your t-shirts at the same time.  WIN-WIN! Just simply fold up your frames or whatever it is into the t-shirt and pack away!


Don't you hate those dents that stay in the carpet after you move a heavy piece of furniture? I know I do!  Well, lucky for you there's a hack, especially if you're renting and want to make everything look perfect before move out (to ensure you get that security deposit back😉)

Just simply place an ice cube over the dent and let it sit there.  The water from the melting ice cube will help the carpet go back to its natural form.  And even better, its free!


This is where the handy free printable I'm offering to ya'll comes in.  Grab your colored tape / labels and designate each color to each room in your new house.  Then put the same color on your handy guide to the same room and how many boxes you have for each room.  Simple as that!

This will make the moving process so easy for you, especially if you have helpers, so all the boxes end up in their correct rooms and you don't have to shuffle through a maze of boxes to find what you need.  

Putting how many boxes that belong to each room is also great so you don't have any missing boxes and can find out if you do pretty quickly!

Just give each person helping you a copy of the guide or let them browse it before hand so they know where everything belongs! :)



Use cling wrap or any plastic wrap to keep your liquid products from spilling during the move.  This hack will seriously save your life, and your products.

Cut a little square of cling wrap and put it over the opening of the bottle and screw the lid back on and *boom* you're done!

No spills = No mess = No tears


This one is short and sweet, and kind of common sense. BUUUUTTTT, I just thought I would remind y'all to pack by room, not by items.  Don't pack your home decor from the living room in the same box as your decor from your bedroom.  That will make the unpacking process so much harder when you're trying to remember where everything goes.

Pack up one room at a time and I promise it will keep you so much more organized.


Cords.  They are a hassle, and half the time I don't even remember what they belong too because they all practically look the same.  But, I have a tip that will solve all of your mysterious cord problems.

Label your cords with masking tape.  Just wrap it around the cord and write what that cord is for and you will never be sitting in a sea of cords wondering what goes where again.


I have so many so many.  Which means moving them can be a hassle and take SO many boxes.  If you're like me and hate having to take all your clothes off the hangers just to put them all back on once you move then this is the hack for you.

Just take a handy dandy garbage bag and rip a hole in the bottom.  Put the bag over a group of your clothes already on the hangers and pull it over them and tie them up in the bottom.  So easy! And saves you so much time when unpacking your clothes!


Make sure to put all of the things you are going to need the first night and morning in your new place in a separate box and label it!  If you don't get everything unpacked that first day, this will ensure that you have all of your necessities until you get everything put away.

Also pack an overnight bag of clothes and toiletries so you have them until you're ready to unpack that stuff!

I hope this post helped anyone who is getting ready to move and was overwhelmed on the best way to do it.  Although I am no expert on moving, these are things that have helped me stay organized and stress free in this whole process.

Don't forget to grab your free moving to-do list and packing boxes guide below!  Happy moving!

College Graduation Gift Guide 2019

Hey y'all! My fiancé is graduating college this May and I seriously CANNOT believe it.  Although I have only known him since his junior year of college, it feels like this time has flown by and he is about to jump straight into his big boy job.  

I remember graduating high school like it was yesterday....or 3 years ago to be exact.  It's scary to move on to another stage of your life, especially when that means huge changes ahead, but it's still so exciting!  

I decided to compile a little gift guide for all of the grads in your life.  There's a little bit of everything on this list, for him, for her, or for yourself if you're a grad wanting to treat yourself 😉

This post contains affiliate links.  This just means that if you make a purchase from one of my links I may make some commission off of it, at no extra cost to you. You can read more about my disclosure here.





There are items on this list that are perfect for every type of person, and at every type of price point. Whether it's something small or big that you give to a grad this year, just make sure you let them know how proud you are of them, because college is HARD work, and they DID THAT.

As they get ready to leave college and enter the real world with their big kid jobs, lets congratulate the class of 2019 on all of their accomplishments.  Here's to you guys and your amazingness!

The Proposal: Mike and Meg

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Hello everyone :)  This blog post is going to be so fun to write (because all I do is talk about him) because it is all about how my fiancé Mike and I met and how he proposed to me!  Seriously, the best day of my life by far.

All of the amazing photos in this blog post were taken by the beautiful Jessica Husted Photography

Let me give you a backstory about us first.  We met in February of 2018 through a mutual friend we had named Taylor.  Taylor and Mike were best friends from college and I became very close with Taylor from some other mutual friends.  Basically, we both were over at Taylor's apartment all the time, probably watching the office or playing catchphrase, and I remember Taylor asking me what I thought about Mike.

Of course I thought he was the cutest human ever, because who wouldn't? Seriously, have you seen him?

Anyway, we were constantly hanging out and getting food all together and spending 90% of our time outside of work and school with each other.  I knew he had a crush on me and of course I had a crush on him so it quickly grew into something more.  

Many nights of watching the office, playing bingo, and playing catchphrase later we went on our first date to Olive Garden on March 16th and I remember every moment and what he was wearing, everything. He asked me to be his girlfriend on April 16th, 2018 (1 year ago today!!!) and I said yes, obviously.

We had only been dating for less than a month before he moved 6 hours away to Michigan for an internship.  That was one of the hardest 12 weeks, especially being a new couple, but we both drove back and forth on weekends to see each other.  I honestly think we only ever missed one weekend.  But let me tell you, distance really does make relationships stronger.  We spent so much time together and we fell in love so fast, but if its right you just know.

We started talking about getting married in June.  Two months in and we were READY. We just knew right away that we were made for each other and that we wanted to spend forever with the other.  Us getting engaged and married was never really a surprising thing.  By that I mean,  it wasn't like one day he just popped the question and I didn't expect it at all.

We talked this through so much, we were so prepared and we were on the same page every step of the way.

It was all we ever talked about from that day forward, getting to spend the rest of our lives with one another.  I remember when he first told his mom that he wanted to ask me to marry him.  I was on a  bus in NYC with my mom and I remember how nervous he was to ask her.  He finally did and of course she was so happy for us and gave him amazing advice.  I remember her texting me saying how happy she was for us and how excited she was to get to know me more.  It was so cute.

Then he asked both of my parents for their blessing, which was really important to me and to him.   I remember how nervous he was to ask my dad especially because I'm his youngest and last daughter to be married, so it was a big deal!  I knew he was going to propose, I just didn't know when, and let me tell you...the anticipation and waiting was KILLING ME.

Everyone knew something except for me, and that was the when.

Funny story: we knew we were getting married so we had started looking at venues just to look and see what was out there.  We visited a gorgeous venue on October 14th, 2018 with both of our moms even tho we weren't engaged yet because it seemed too good to be true.  I could tell this was the place I was going to marry him as soon as I got out of the car.  We booked our venue that day, 2 days before we even got engaged.

This is a picture my mom took of us at the venue that day!😍

We had been talking about getting professional photos taken of us just to have some nice photos, so when he booked a session I did not think anything of it, I don't know why lol!

Finally, we had our photo session on October 16th, 2018, our six months.  It was a sunny day, but super cold, but it was so worth it.

Jess took a bunch of of pictures of us and then she wanted to take some candid shots of us laughing and him spinning me around, which is cute as heck.  So we did it once where I was facing her camera and he was behind me and then would run up and pick me up and spin me, the first time he body slammed me and knocked the wind out of me on accident.  But thats okay, we got cute pics from it and it was such a funny moment.  

So we did it again.  I was waiting for him to run up behind me, nervously waiting to potentially be body slammed again for what felt like forever, and then Jess told me to turn around and there he was, down on one knee.  I don't remember everything that happened or that was said because I was just so excited and happy to see him and everything felt like a blur so I will let the photos do the talking.

So that's it, thats how it all happened. Looking back on these photos makes me so happy and makes me feel like I am back in that moment every time I see them.  We are loving planning our wedding and future together, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I can't wait to share more wedding posts with you guys and if you have anything in particular you want to see, leave a comment!

Our Top Wedding Registry Picks: And What You Should Register For Too! + Free Checklist

Thursday, April 11, 2019

So, as some of you know, I got engaged to my love in October 2018.  It already feels like it happened forever ago, but at the same time I feel like I have a million things to still do on my wedding checklist in a short 5 months.  One of those things that is actually checked off is our wedding registry.  I'll be honest, I was SO excited for this part of the wedding planning process.  Of course it is not the most important part, but it was so exciting looking at things that we, as husband and wife, would be gifted and have in our very first home together.

We did feel very overwhelmed at first wondering what we actually needed and what is off limits to put on a wedding registry.  We figured it out though, and boy was it fun.  Now of course, we haven't received any of these items yet, as my bridal shower is still a couple months away, but I wanted to show everyone our top registry picks in case they are also creating a registry or even buying for someone who doesn't have a registry and is stumped.

This post contains affiliate links.  This just means that if you make a purchase from one of my links I may make some commission off of it, at no extra cost to you. You can read more about my disclosure here.

Ceramic Baking Pans | Opalhouse Bath Towels | Threshold Hand Towels | KitchenAid Hand Mixer | Magnolia Collection Dinner Plate | Magnolia Collection Bowl | Throw Pillow | Throw Blanket | KitchenAid Blender | Glass Food Storage | Air Fryer

I knew immediately I wanted to register at Target, which is kind of the norm, so that's what we did.  We registered online first and then decided we wanted to go in the actual store so we could see things in person, and I liked it so much more!  It was so easy with the scanner they provide you, and you can even scan right from your phone on the Target registry app, which is even easier!  We also registered at Bed Bath & Beyond for just a couple things that we preferred from there rather than from Target.  Their registry process is so easy as well!

If any of you are newly engaged I highly recommend registering at Target.  You can register here! (affiliate link)

Okay, okay...  Now onto our top wedding registry picks & things I think you should register for too!

1. Opalhouse Ceramic Baking Pans

Okay, these are so CUTE. I don't bake that much, but I knew we needed some of these, so why not get some super cute ones?!  I feel if you have to get the necessities, you may as well make them pretty!

2. Bath Towels

I LOVE the Opalhouse collection at Target and that's where the beige towels are from.  They have a beautiful, subtle floral detail on them that I love.  We are in desperate need of some new bath towels so finding the perfect ones was essential to me, and these are some winners!  We also love these hand towels that have that same beige color in them as the bath towels!

3. KitchenAid Hand Mixer

I love this KitchenAid hand mixer!  I know what you're thinking, "where's the stand mixer?!". Wellllllll, I know that is pretty much the most popular item brides put on their wedding registry, but I just can't justify someone spending that much money on me, especially for something I probably won't use that much! I think the hand mixer is just perfect for what I need it for!

4. Magnolia Collection Dinnerware

I love these plates and bowls from Magnolia Home.  I love how imperfect they are and just how natural they look. They're also dishwasher and microwave safe which sold me!

5. Throw Pillow

Who said you have to just register for the necessities?  It's so fun to register for other things, especially home decor and games for you and your spouse to love throughout the years!

6. Throw Blanket

My fiancé and I LOVEEEE throw blankets, and we always joke that we're going to have a whole room dedicated to them in our house.  It wouldn't be our registry if we didn't have at least one blanket on there!

7. KitchenAid Blender

This blender has so many settings on it and it looks so sleek and nice!  I'm sure this thing will make many milkshakes and smoothies in it's lifetime.

8. Glass Food Storage

We definitely need some containers for leftover food and such, and I would so much rather have glass ones rather than plastic.  They just feel so much nicer and won't stain like the plastic ones do, like when you put red sauce in one and its that color know what I'm saying.

9. Air Fryer

This is BY FAR our #1 registry pick.  We currently use our roommates' air fryer, and I never want to use anything else to cook with again.  We seriously use it for everything, so it was definitely a necessity to us!  This one is super clean looking and comes in white, which is a huge plus for me.

As you can see, I like light and neutral colors.  If everything I owned could be white, it would be. Haha! I hope this helped some of you who are struggling to figure out what they should register for.  Just remember to have fun with it with your soon-to-be spouse, and don't stress too much!

Download my FREE PRINTABLE ultimate wedding registry checklist right here!

Spring Cleaning 2019: Small Pantry Organization

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

So today is another one of those spring cleaning posts.  I have been obsessed with watching organizational YouTube videos lately, so I had to go and try it out myself.

So I asked my mom if she needed any pantry organization, and of course she's not going to say no to someone organizing for her! Who would? Haha!

My parents' pantry isn't huge, but it definitely isn't small compared to what we lived with for 13 years lol!  They keep it pretty organized for what it is but I wanted to help them out a little more by adding some baskets and jars to make it easier to find things!

These jars with labels are my favorite part of the whole project!

This post contains affiliate links.  This just means that if you make a purchase from one of my links I may make some commission off of it, at no extra cost to you. You can read more about my disclosure here.


Supplies You Need:

Here is the before of their pantry.


So to begin this process I took a look in their pantry and we decided what to put in jars and what to store in baskets.  We put the most often used and purchased, and loose products in the clear jars!

I knew I wanted to use baskets in the space and one day I was walking through Ac Moore and found some HUGE baskets that were the perfect size for the pantry shelves.  These babies were only $10 each because they were on sale, and that was such a steal!

Next up was gathering jars.  First, we went to the thrift store to try to reuse and recycle some jars but we didn't have any luck finding any there unfortunately. So next we went over to Home Goods with our handy list of all the things we needed jars for and got to searching.  Home Goods, Tj Maxx, and Marshall's are great places to look for these things because they are all super affordable!

Of course since you cannot always find the same things at those kinds of places every time you go.  I found some canisters that are practically identical to the ones we got.  You can get these canisters at Target in different sizes to fit your needs! I would definitely check them out if you're in the market for some great storage jars! Target also has some other great pantry storage you can check out too!
Once we got home we removed all the paper and labels from the jars and washed them out and let them sit out to dry upside down.  Make sure you're jars are completely dry before you put anything in them, especially flour type products!


While those were drying I took EVERYTHING out of the pantry and put it on the table, floor, really wherever there was room.  I separated things into 6 categories, because that is how many bins I had.  I separated mine into: baking, snacks, dinner/lunch meals, potatoes in one wire bin, onions in the other, and breakfast in the small bin.

Once I had it all organized I placed my empty bins in the pantry to visualize how I wanted to set them up, taking into account the jars we had to place into the pantry at the end.

I started filling the baskets with all the items and placed them on the shelves where they made the most sense as far as function goes for my parents.  We got these cute wire baskets for the onions and potatoes from Home Goods as well!


Finally the jars were dry so I stared filling them and then labeling them with my cute retro label-maker as I went.  We're not even going to talk about the almost entire bag of salt I spilled all over my parents dining table and myself in the process :)  Bad luck for the rest of my life honestly.

Label Maker | Labels

I placed the jars on the shelves and moved things until I was happy with it and VIOLA we were all done.  

It looks so clean and organized now, I kinda wish it was mine...  I can't wait to hear how this functions for my parents, and if any of you try it out leave pictures below so I can see your perfectly organized pantry!

Spring Outfit Ideas: Favorite Pieces In My Closet Right Now!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring is finally here!!....well....kinda.  Now, that it is technically  spring, I am going all in with the spring outfits.  Shopping for the warmer weather gets me so excited, well shopping for any kind of clothes gets me excited, but you get the point.

I recently went to Target, TJ Maxx and Marshall's to check out some new spring items that came out and I was not disappointed.  Of course you do not have to go all out and buy all new clothes for the season, but buying a few new pieces to combine with clothing items you already own makes you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe and can get you really excited for the new season!

I have always thought dressing for spring was hard because its not warm enough to wear just a dress or shorts, but it's not cold enough for thick sweaters or coats.  But, I think I have finally figured out how to get around that, and that is what I am going to show you today.  

Heads up! This post contains affiliate links!  That just means if you buy something using one of my links, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you!

This first spring outfit is one of my favvssss!  I got this adorable olive green midi dress with tortoise print buttons down the front from Marshall's recently and I am in LOVE with it!


I am really into the linen midi dress trend for this spring and summer and I can't wait to get more of these beauties!  I think midi dresses are perfect for spring because they cover most of your legs and still keep you warm if the weather isn't super warm!

I paired the dress with a cropped denim jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch and I think it makes the dress spring appropriate but still so cute with an added layer!  I also decided to throw on the trusty white (or used to be white anyway) Vans slip-ons because they bring in the casual vibe that the denim jacket gives.


Lastly, I paired this straw style purse I found at the thrift store awhile back and a cute scrunchie (I'm so happy they are back😍) to complete the look!  

Next up is a simple blue jean look.  Blue jeans are always in season so this one anyone can pull off!

I paired these amazing high waisted skinny jeans I got from H&M with the cutest flowy white shirt. These jeans were my perfect shade of denim so I just had to have them, and good news, they are only $20 and SO SO SO comfortable!


I got this adorable flowy white top with tortoise pattern buttons (are you seeing a pattern? lol!) going down the front from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and it is a great basic without being too basic.  I decided to undo the bottom two buttons and tie it in the front to give a little more interest to this basic spring outfit.  

I paired this outfit with the same not so white Vans and a similar beachy style purse from the thrift store to add another neutral and some more appeal to the outfit.  If it were a colder day I would pair this outfit with a light jacket to complete the look!

This next outfit is another one of my favorites.  It is this cute rust/ orange colored sweater with tie accents on the sleeves paired with a denim skirt.


This sweater I got from Forever 21 is the perfect spring sweater because isn't super thick but it still keeps you warm, and its soooooo soft, seriously!  Any sweater like this is so cute tucked into a denim skirt and paired with, you guessed it, white Vans!  I just love those things, and they are absolutely a staple in my wardrobe!

This skirt is the most spring thing I have ever seen in a denim skirt, it is so perfect!  It has the cutest floral embroidered detailing next to the pockets and the colors are just so happy!  Not to mention that the orange in the flowers matches the sweater almost exactly so it was meant to be! I believe this skirt is from Forever 21 as well, but a couple of summers ago is when I got it.  A plain denim skirt would be just as cute too!

Finish off the look by tucking in the front of your sweater or tying a knot in the front and you're ready to go!

Another way to style a dress for spring is by popping a light sweater over the top to add some extra warmth like I have in this one.

I got this adorable multicolored striped maxi dress from Target, and its perfect, you can get it here!  You cannot see in the picture but it has little ruffled seam towards the bottom and I think it adds so much detail.

Lucky for you guys women's dresses at Target are starting at $15 right now! You can find cute dresses right here!

I decided to throw on this light white cropped sweater (no dad, the moths did not get to this one too😂) from TJ Maxx over the top and add my black handbag to complete this outfit.  I would pair any sandal or white sneaker with this look.  I love styling dresses because they are so simple but so cute!

Another variation of this would be this romper underneath a thin sweater much like this one.


I get these rompers from Forever 21, I have it in 3 colors, and they are so soft and comfy for spring and summer!  I put this AMAZING thin sweater from Target over the top to add some warmth and texture to the look.  I am so obsessed with this sweater and I don't think I will ever take it off because it is perfect!

This sweater may still be available online or in a store near you, so go check it out if you're looking for a new favorite sweater! If you spend $35 or more on select women's clothes you can receive free shipping from Target!

This sweater is longer so I decide to tie a cute knot in the front right at the waist of the romper.  I paired this look with the same white shoes and beachy bag as the previous outfits and that completes the look!

I had so much fun putting these outfits together and I cannot wait to start wearing them all....if Erie ever gets a little warmer.  I am so excited for spring and summer and I hope this got you a little more excited too!

If you guys have any other fashion posts you would like to see, leave a comment below so I can know what you're interested in!
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