10 Packing and Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier & Free Printable!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

WE ARE MOVING!!! Guys, I can't believe we are finally moving into our own place!  We are so so excited to have a space of our own and I can't wait to share it with you guys.  There are going to be so many decorating and DIY posts coming your way so get excited!

As I am packing up our lives getting ready to move, I realized that we own SO much stuff and that packing and moving is HARD.  That's why I compiled a list of 10 tips to make my life, and most importantly, your lives so so so much easier when packing and preparing for a move.

AND I even made a handy free moving to-do list and packing boxes guide for you to download and print!😍 Grab yours after reading this post and get to packing! :) 



Boxes (duh meg)
Packing Tape
Colored Labels / Tape
Handy Free Checklist (made by yours truly)
Masking Tape
Plastic Wrap
Garbage Bags

TIP #1: Collect Boxes

Start collecting boxes as soon as you know you're moving.  Have people save them for you or go to a store and ask them if you can have their left over boxes from shipments.  There are so many free ways to get boxes and collecting them early will save you so much time and stress!

And if you aren't able to get any for free, Lowe's and Walmart sell them for so cheap!


I promise you when I say this will make your life SO much easier when packing.  Declutter and donate things that you do not need before you start packing.  Go through your junk, or your clothes, or whatever it may be and donate / sell what doesn't benefit you.

Minimizing will make things so much easier for your move and will prevent you from having a ton of stuff you don't know what to do with when you get to the new place.


This tip is a money and space saver let me tell you.  Wrap your fragile items like picture frames, dishes, knick knacks etc. in your t-shirts.

You don't need to go out and buy packing paper and you're killing two birds with one stone by packing your fragile items and your t-shirts at the same time.  WIN-WIN! Just simply fold up your frames or whatever it is into the t-shirt and pack away!


Don't you hate those dents that stay in the carpet after you move a heavy piece of furniture? I know I do!  Well, lucky for you there's a hack, especially if you're renting and want to make everything look perfect before move out (to ensure you get that security deposit back😉)

Just simply place an ice cube over the dent and let it sit there.  The water from the melting ice cube will help the carpet go back to its natural form.  And even better, its free!


This is where the handy free printable I'm offering to ya'll comes in.  Grab your colored tape / labels and designate each color to each room in your new house.  Then put the same color on your handy guide to the same room and how many boxes you have for each room.  Simple as that!

This will make the moving process so easy for you, especially if you have helpers, so all the boxes end up in their correct rooms and you don't have to shuffle through a maze of boxes to find what you need.  

Putting how many boxes that belong to each room is also great so you don't have any missing boxes and can find out if you do pretty quickly!

Just give each person helping you a copy of the guide or let them browse it before hand so they know where everything belongs! :)



Use cling wrap or any plastic wrap to keep your liquid products from spilling during the move.  This hack will seriously save your life, and your products.

Cut a little square of cling wrap and put it over the opening of the bottle and screw the lid back on and *boom* you're done!

No spills = No mess = No tears


This one is short and sweet, and kind of common sense. BUUUUTTTT, I just thought I would remind y'all to pack by room, not by items.  Don't pack your home decor from the living room in the same box as your decor from your bedroom.  That will make the unpacking process so much harder when you're trying to remember where everything goes.

Pack up one room at a time and I promise it will keep you so much more organized.


Cords.  They are a hassle, and half the time I don't even remember what they belong too because they all practically look the same.  But, I have a tip that will solve all of your mysterious cord problems.

Label your cords with masking tape.  Just wrap it around the cord and write what that cord is for and you will never be sitting in a sea of cords wondering what goes where again.


I have so many so many.  Which means moving them can be a hassle and take SO many boxes.  If you're like me and hate having to take all your clothes off the hangers just to put them all back on once you move then this is the hack for you.

Just take a handy dandy garbage bag and rip a hole in the bottom.  Put the bag over a group of your clothes already on the hangers and pull it over them and tie them up in the bottom.  So easy! And saves you so much time when unpacking your clothes!


Make sure to put all of the things you are going to need the first night and morning in your new place in a separate box and label it!  If you don't get everything unpacked that first day, this will ensure that you have all of your necessities until you get everything put away.

Also pack an overnight bag of clothes and toiletries so you have them until you're ready to unpack that stuff!

I hope this post helped anyone who is getting ready to move and was overwhelmed on the best way to do it.  Although I am no expert on moving, these are things that have helped me stay organized and stress free in this whole process.

Don't forget to grab your free moving to-do list and packing boxes guide below!  Happy moving!

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