Spring Cleaning 2019: Small Pantry Organization

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

So today is another one of those spring cleaning posts.  I have been obsessed with watching organizational YouTube videos lately, so I had to go and try it out myself.

So I asked my mom if she needed any pantry organization, and of course she's not going to say no to someone organizing for her! Who would? Haha!

My parents' pantry isn't huge, but it definitely isn't small compared to what we lived with for 13 years lol!  They keep it pretty organized for what it is but I wanted to help them out a little more by adding some baskets and jars to make it easier to find things!

These jars with labels are my favorite part of the whole project!

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Supplies You Need:

Here is the before of their pantry.


So to begin this process I took a look in their pantry and we decided what to put in jars and what to store in baskets.  We put the most often used and purchased, and loose products in the clear jars!

I knew I wanted to use baskets in the space and one day I was walking through Ac Moore and found some HUGE baskets that were the perfect size for the pantry shelves.  These babies were only $10 each because they were on sale, and that was such a steal!

Next up was gathering jars.  First, we went to the thrift store to try to reuse and recycle some jars but we didn't have any luck finding any there unfortunately. So next we went over to Home Goods with our handy list of all the things we needed jars for and got to searching.  Home Goods, Tj Maxx, and Marshall's are great places to look for these things because they are all super affordable!

Of course since you cannot always find the same things at those kinds of places every time you go.  I found some canisters that are practically identical to the ones we got.  You can get these canisters at Target in different sizes to fit your needs! I would definitely check them out if you're in the market for some great storage jars! Target also has some other great pantry storage you can check out too!
Once we got home we removed all the paper and labels from the jars and washed them out and let them sit out to dry upside down.  Make sure you're jars are completely dry before you put anything in them, especially flour type products!


While those were drying I took EVERYTHING out of the pantry and put it on the table, floor, really wherever there was room.  I separated things into 6 categories, because that is how many bins I had.  I separated mine into: baking, snacks, dinner/lunch meals, potatoes in one wire bin, onions in the other, and breakfast in the small bin.

Once I had it all organized I placed my empty bins in the pantry to visualize how I wanted to set them up, taking into account the jars we had to place into the pantry at the end.

I started filling the baskets with all the items and placed them on the shelves where they made the most sense as far as function goes for my parents.  We got these cute wire baskets for the onions and potatoes from Home Goods as well!


Finally the jars were dry so I stared filling them and then labeling them with my cute retro label-maker as I went.  We're not even going to talk about the almost entire bag of salt I spilled all over my parents dining table and myself in the process :)  Bad luck for the rest of my life honestly.

Label Maker | Labels

I placed the jars on the shelves and moved things until I was happy with it and VIOLA we were all done.  

It looks so clean and organized now, I kinda wish it was mine...  I can't wait to hear how this functions for my parents, and if any of you try it out leave pictures below so I can see your perfectly organized pantry!


  1. This is so cool. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. Great results!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm glad you loved it!


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