Yellow Vintage Wooden High Chair Makeover

Friday, June 21, 2019

(These products were so kindly sent to me by Country Chic Paint but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!)

Happy Friday friends! 

Today I have another furniture project that I did with Country Chic Paint!  When I was looking at all of their paint color options I saw this adorable pale yellow color called Bee's Knees.  Um how stinkin’ cute is that?  I KNEW I needed it as soon as I saw it.


Again, I never really use bold colors when painting furniture but I had the perfect thing in mind and since Country Chic’s paint is child furniture friendly it was perfect!

I used this pale yellow on this vintage wooden high chair.  I have been wanting to do a makeover on one of these for a while and this was the perfect opportunity.  I got this wooden high chair at Goodwill for just $12!

Let’s jump right into the project!

Products I Used:

Orbital Sander

Step One: Prepping the Furniture

To prep my piece I first sanded off that old vintage decal that was on it.  I had no doubt that the paint was going to cover it but it was slightly raised so I didn’t want to be able to see the outline of it!

I filled in a couple holes that were on the tray and then I gave the majority of it a quick sand using my orbital sander because the base was slightly rough and there were some paint drips. Next up I just cleaned it up with an all purpose cleaner.

Just make sure you wipe it down with water after using any cleaner to ensure the best paint finish and so the paint adheres!

Step Two: Painting 

As mentioned above I painted this piece in Country Chic’s Bees Knees.  I gave it about 4 coats and let it dry completely in between each coat!

I also added a little black bee to the back of the seat!

Tracing Tip: 

To easily trace words or anything onto a surface all you need to do is scribble on the back of your printed quote/pattern with a pencil.  Make sure you are getting a good lead coverage over all the lines.

After you do that, just flip it over, place it on your surface your tracing it on to and just trace it with a pen, make sure to press hard!  After you completely trace it you can just take the paper off and you should have a light pencil outline.

Just paint over your lines and you’re done!

Step Three: Seal it Up

I sealed this with the same Tough coat by Country Chic as my Vintage Desk Makeover I recently posted.

If you haven’t read that post yet, Toughcoat is a water resistant  topcoat that is great to use on kitchen and bathroom cabinets and really anything that could potentially get water on it.  

So, this project was perfect for that because kids are M.E.S.S.Y. No offense, kids.

This will make cleanup so easy for momma because she can just wipe it down as she would any high chair 😉

After that dries its done and ready for a little kiddo to enjoy 😊

Such as easy piece to work on but it turned out so cute and I’ve never seen anything like it!

Huge thanks to Country Chic Paint for supplying the products I used for this makeover! It is always such a pleasure working with you!!

Also, if you haven't heard, Country Chic is launching 20 NEW paint colors on June 26th!  Yes, 20!! So keep your eye out for that launch!

Just before my birthday, and I couldn't be any more excited!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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