Easy & Affordable Bridal Shower Photo Backdrop

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

I have been on Pinterest A LOT since I got engaged.  Scouring all things wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette etc.  I have seen so many different ideas that I wanted to recreate but I am a bride on a budget so I needed to get creative.


I did see this photo backdrop / banner idea for a bridal shower that was already probably affordable to make so I knew that one would be perfect for me.  So I decided to recreate it myself for my own bridal shower.

This is such a simple tutorial I almost feel silly writing a whole blog post dedicated to it.  But I feel like this could be helpful for a lot of other budget brides.

Let’s get right into it!


Kraft Paper
White Acrylic Paint
Faux Florals

Step One: Measuring

So my first step was measuring to see how much paper I needed to roll out to make sure its long enough for a person to stand in front of.

I kinda just rolled it out on the floor and laid on top of it, but if you have help you could have someone hold it up for you lol

Step Two: Sketch It Out

So to start with the words I first used my ruler to draw horizontal guide lines just so my words were straight and spaced evenly.

Next I just looked at my inspo picture and sketched my words out in the font I liked.  If it isn’t perfect the first time, just erase and try again.  That’s why we do things in pencil first ladies and gents.

Step Three: Paint

For my paint I just used a basic white acrylic paint you can get at Walmart for super cheap. I also just used a small round paintbrush.

I went over my words with paint 2 times just to make sure it was opaque and how I liked it.

Step Four: Personalize It!

I really loved how there was greenery in the inspo picture so I recreated that with some of our wedding greenery. 

Multipurpose decor = saving cash

I just added it in the right hand corner and that’s it!

This literally cost me $2 and it is such a cute photo backdrop!

You could do this for any party, wedding, or event you want a photo backdrop for with any quote or wording too!

Such a cute and simple idea. What do you guys think? Would you make one of these for one of your parties?

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