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Friday, August 30, 2019

Y'all, I have been loving the gold leaf lately if you can't tell.  I have been using so much, I hope you're not sick of it already ;)  It just adds such a pretty detail, how could you not love it?!


So today I did a little color mixing for this vintage desk.  I got this desk off of Facebook Marketplace,  shocker!  

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As always, when I see a piece, I usually know what color would be perfect for it and that happened again!  I was feeling major fall vibes with this dark green color and I am not mad about it!  It is never too early for some fall vibes ;)  My house basically smells like all of your pumpkin dreams and I am in H E A V E N!

(Some of the products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own :))

For this post I mixed it up a little and did some color mixing!  Country Chic has a awesome Color Mixing Page on their website with so many fun color combos you just need to try out!  For my color recipe I created the color called Evergreen!

Products Used:

Top Coat

Step One:

To start with this piece, I primed it with my go to gripper primer!

Step Two:

Once that was dry I got to mixing my colors!  For this color recipe of Evergreen I used 1 part Fresh Mustard to 1 Part Peacoat.

I ended up just mixing it all because I wanted to make sure I had enough and well..... I have more than enough paint left over haha! I'm not mad though because now I have more pretty green for another project!

Step Three:

I got to painting.  This color is so deep and pigmented that it only needed 2 coats.  Thats a great thing about Country Chic Paint, their paint has awesome coverage!

Step Three:

I'm back with he gold leaf, are you surprised? ;) You guys have seen me use this many times before, so instead of boring you with the process I will just link a couple of my past projects that explain how I applied the gold leaf to furniture!

Step Four:

Next up was sealing it.  I used a heavy duty sealant for this baby because it would be used a lot!  I started off by using my paint sprayer, but I just wasn't getting the look I wanted.  I haven't completely gotten the paint spray technique down, but I also think it is the cheap sprayer I bought.

I am going to be investing in a better one soon, and I will do a review for you guys!

So, instead of the sprayer I grabbed a brush.  This worked way better!  I did 2 coats for that super durable finish.  But.... me being me, I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was an oil based topcoat, which means I had to use Mineral Spirits to clean out my brush.  

I only had a little left so I used the rest and I thought I got it all clean... the next day, my brand new Country Chic Paint Brush I had just bought was rock hard.  Its always a sad day when one of your favorite brushes is done-zo.  

Well, enough of my sad stories.  Next I just had to add my gold spray painted hardware back on and this baby is done. I was going to use the metallic cream in pocket watch from Country Chic for this, but I haven't quite mastered those yet, so, to be continued...

Here are some gorgeous pics of her!

I LOVE this piece!!  The finish and everything about it turned out great!  The gold really pops against this dark green color and makes it feel so unique!

I highly recommend you try out some of Country Chic's color mixing recipes on your own and see what pretty colors you can make!  The possibilities are endless!

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