Yard Sale Find To Maroon and Gold Dresser

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

So I went to a bunch of yard sales a couple weekends ago because my hometown has an annual mile long yard sale and it's HUGE!  It is neighborhoods and neighborhoods are yard sales and honestly it is a dream.  But, because I was just visiting for the weekend, I couldn't get too much because I wouldn't have a way to get home.


Which brings me to this baby.  I picked up this little dresser for $10 from one of the sales, mainly because it was cheap and would actually fit in my car hahahaha.  

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For this little dresser I am using one of Country Chic's new paint colors called Cheers from their Lustrum Collection.  It's such a pretty jewel toned color and I am obsessed!

(The products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!😊)

Products Used:

This piece was painted in a yellow latex paint so before anything, I needed to give it a quick sand to rough it up and get any of the flaking paint off!

After that I got to painting.  I grabbed my trusty Country Chic Paint 2" Oval Brush and my paint in the color Cheers and got to work!

So what I noticed with this color is that it took a lot of coats to get a good coverage.  It is a gorgeous color, but I think because it is a jewel tone it needs more coats.  But that's okay, because the color is beautiful!

After painting, I let it dry completely and then I applied gold leaf!  I taped off a stripe and got to it.  it you want to know how I applied the gold leaf, go ahead and check out my Black and Gold Leaf Dresser Makeover!

Next up,  I sealed it with Country Chic's Clear Coat.  I let it dry, and this little cutie is done!  Here are some pics of her in all her glory!

What do you think?  This color was harder to work with than I am used too, but I am so glad I stuck with it because it really paid off!!

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