Autumn Inspired Mid Century Modern Dresser

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Another fall makeover for you guys is HERE! Not that anyone asked for it... but my heart and mind is on fall from here on out so you'll be getting a lot of these.  

I decided to do another color mixing recipe from Country Chic Paint and it is the color called Autumn, HOW PERFECT IS THAT! Okay I'll stop yelling now...


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It is feeling more and more like fall over here by the day and I am getting so pumped for these pumpkins and crunchy leaves everywhere!  I know, I talk a lot about fall, lets get into the makeover finally!

(The products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own)

So the couple I usually get my furniture from sent me a pic of this baby saying it needed my touch and they were asking me if I wanted it before they listed it and of course I said yes!  I love a good MCM piece and this one was no exception.

Products Used:

So for this baby I took off all the old hardware, wiped it down, and primed it with my favorite Gripping Primer as usual.

For this color mixing recipe I used 1 part Devotion, 3 parts Fresh Mustard, and a speck of Peacoat.  I measured each color out using the lines on a red solo cup and then I mix it all together in these plastic measuring cups I get from the Dollar Tree!

Time to start painting!

This piece needed about 3 coats of this pretty color! After the paint has dried for 24 hours I grabbed my clear coat from Country Chic and brushed it on.  Now, usually I would use a painting sponge, but I seriously could not find it anywhere lol.

I did 3 coats of this topcoat so I could get the max protection for this pretty piece!

Lastly I added my new hardware!  When I saw the top drawer of this piece I just KNEW I needed to use black label pulls to give it that faux card catalog vibe! And I am so glad that is the way I went with this because I am actually obsessed!

For the other three drawers I just used some modern black knobs to finish it off!

Here are some pretty little shots of this fall inspired mcm beauty!

Let me know what you think!  Thanks so much to Country Chic Paint for working with me as always, your products literally NEVER fail me! 

Find a local Country Chic Retailer here!

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