How to Turn An Old Trunk Into An Entryway Table

Friday, September 20, 2019

I have a VERY fun makeover for you guys today!  Awhile ago my husband and I went to some community yard sales and I came across this trunk.  It was only $8 so I picked it up because I knew I could find a use for it somehow.

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Well... it took awhile, but I finally got around to completing this piece.  I had so many other furniture makeovers going on that I forgot I even had this thing, but once I remembered I was alllll over it.


So, today I am going to show you how I turned this old rusted vintage trunk into a white and gold modern entryway table with some pretty hairpin legs!


So this guy started out black with brass metal details.  Still cute, but not the vibe.  Also, the metal was a little rusted in some places.

Step One:

So to start I wiped it all down and took some steel wool and did the best I could to help the rust situation get a little bit better.

Step Two:

Next up I grabbed my pretty brushed gold spray paint and sprayed all of the brass parts and my hairpin legs.  You don't need to worry about taping off since we will be painting all of the black parts white!

Step Three:

Now its time to tape off all of that gold you just sprayed.  Once it has dried for a good while, grab your painters tape, some wine, and put on a movie because this will take awhile haha.  

It is tedious, but you want to make sure you tape it off the best you can so you don't get any white on that hard work you just did with the gold.

Step Four:

Now you can grab your white spray paint and get sprayin'.  I recommend getting one that is a paint and primer in one for the best coverage and lasting finish!

Now let that dry and once it is dry you can peel off your tape!  How Pretty!! Well, it's about to get even better.

Step Five:

Grab your gold spray painted hairpin legs from earlier and screw them in to each  corner like so.

I got the 16" size!

Step Six:

Style this baby in your home and obsess over how cool and pretty this amazing piece you just created is!

This is such a fun and unique piece to have in your home and you can totally customize it in whatever colors you want.  You could also get higher or lower legs depending on if you wanted a coffee table or something else!  So fun!

PLEASE send me your pics if you recreate this entryway trunk table, because I would love to see what you all come up with!

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