How to turn a Curbside Cabinet into A Modern Stenciled Nightstand

Friday, October 18, 2019

So a couple of weeks ago we went back home for the weekend and scouted out the thrift stores for some furniture pieces for me to work on. Well...we didn't find anything!!

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Actually, I found so many pieces I LOVED but I don't know what is going on but I think the thrift stores are catching on because they are all suddenly super marked up! I was so sad :( But there was no way i was paying $90 for a beat up dresser with busted drawers!

But the furniture gods were with me that weekend because on our way home we passed this house that had a ton of furniture out by the curb!! We passed it and hubby new that he immediately need to turn around so we could go look!  (that's why he's the best ;))


So I rummaged through all of the great stuff and I came across this cute little cabinet!  I immediately knew that I wanted to scoop that one up and take it home with me.  There were so many other pieces I wanted too but we just didn't have room in the car since we were traveling back home :(

But that's okay!  I'll take one thing over none!

So we threw it in the car and brought her home :) 

(Some of the paint used in this makeover was so kindly sent to my by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own)

Products Used:

I scrubbed this baby down because she was nastyyyyy.  But that's okay, it just means the makeover is going to be even more dramatic!

Next up I took the doors off, and the hardware!  I threw all of the hardware, hinges, and screws into a cup full of cleaner to let them soak and get all of that grime off!

While those soak, I took my sander to the piece to get all of the raised/ chipping flakes of old paint off!  This didn't take too long because it wasn't super chippy, but I wanted to do it to make sure that my new paint stayed on for a lifetime!

Next up I primed my piece since I was going to be painting it white!  Then I gave my piece about 4 or 5 coats of this Rustoleum Chalk Style Paint in Linen White.

To be honest you guys.....I do not like this paint.  I did not like how it applied, I did not like the finish and it came out super streaky.  It also took SOOOO many coats to get even a somewhat of an opaque finish!

I don't know... i would have much rather used a white from Country Chic or Dixie Belle, but I didn't have any.  I know I won't be using this white paint again, but I will definitely try out another color by that brand to see if I get better results!

I painted the inside of the cabinet and the inside of the doors in a dark green that I mention below!

Next I grabbed my cute little Monstera leaf stencil that I found at Michael's Craft Store and my Color mixing recipe in Evergreen from Country Chic Paint and got stenciling.

You can see a pretty desk I did in this color here!

Now, I was a bad blogger for this piece because I did not take hardly any pictures of this process. it was my first time stenciling so I was so focused on that and trying not to mess it up😂

It went alright for my first time. but I definitely had to go in after with a little paint brush and fix up the edges.  It is still not perfect but I honestly love it!

Next I went in with some gold leaf and applied a tiny bit to the edges and corners of the leaves.  i just kinda did it random and I think it really completed the top of the cabinet!

I also applied some slight gold leaf to the legs to tie in the top to the bottom!

The hardware and hinges got a coat of gold spray paint, I put the doors back on and it was time to seal!  I used my trusty water based poly spray first to seal all of the areas with gold leaf.

I did this because I did not want to drag gold leaf to areas it doesn't belong with a paint brush. So after spraying, I went in with a paint brush and sealed this piece 3 times for good protection!

And that's it!  This dirty outdated little curbside cabinet is now a pretty modern and boho nightstand with some amazing gold leaf details!!

What do you guys think?  Would you try out this stencil on something? If so, what!? 

I would love love love to see your recreations! 

Head over to Country Chic's website and take the Color Quiz to see what color is perfect for your next project! 

As a Brand Ambassador for Country Chic Paint, I have a code for you to use below :)

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