Purple Dresser With Modern Champagne Bronze Knobs

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Can ya'll tell that I love the color purple?  If you cant...then you haven't seen all of my purple furniture makeovers and I highly recommend you pop over to my Instagram @megbrinkblog or read through all my posts on here 😉 

Subtle, not so subtle self promo, but I want you guys to keep up with me because I LOVE keeping up with you, and chatting about things!


(The paint used for this project was sent to me by the awesome team at Country Chic Paint, as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!)

Anyway.... today's post is a fun one because I got to work with an AMAZING hardware company called D. Lawless Hardware! You've definitely heard of them, and if you haven't, head over to their website right now and then come back to this blog when you're done "ahhh-ing & ooo-ing" over all of their pretty hardware!

(The hardware in this post was so kindly supplied to me by the amazing people over at D. Lawless Hardware, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own)

Here, I'll even drop the link so all you have to do it click ;)

So, what do you think? Awesome right!

They are a wholesale company that sells and creates incredible hardware for a great price!  Seriously, all the hardware you could need in one place but for an affordable price so you don't break the bank? Amazing!!

I had reached out to Derrick from D. Lawless to see if he would want to work together on a piece of mine and he so graciously agreed and happily sent me some gorgeous knobs from their champagne bronze collection! So huge thank you to him for that, because these knobs completed this piece!

I picked up this piece at goodwill for $25, how great is that?!  

It was it kinda rough shape to begin.  You could tell someone tried painting it but didn't really care about the drips and the spot they missed, also the top was pretty beat up!

I took the drawers out, removed the old hardware, and patched the holes and scratches on the whole piece!

I scrubbed the piece down as well because it was pretty gross and I wanted to be sure that my paint would adhere!  I also primed this piece with my favorite gripper primer, you know the gist :)

Products Used:

Poly Topcoat

I did another custom color mix recipe using my fav, Country Chic Paint of course! For this color I used 1 Part Cranberry Sauce, 1 Part Peacoat, and 2 parts Crinoline! :)

I gave this piece 2 coats and it covered BEAUTIFULLY! 

After the paint was completely dry I started with my water bases Poly topcoat!  I did 3 coats of this for ultimate protection and it gave such a nice sheen to the piece I love it!

I tried out the spray version of this topcaot too and i actually love it!  it was so quick and easy, I will definitely be using it again!

After that was dry, I put on my pretty knobs from D. Lawless Hardware!  These knobs were so heavy duty, had a gorgeous pattern on the knob for such a fun and unique look, and really dressed up this piece!

I will definitely be buying more hardware from them again! 

Lastly, I added some pretty floral wrapping paper to the inside of the drawers for a cute pop and the purple flowers matched perfectly!

Here are some pretty pics!

I love how this piece came out & I also tried some new stuff with my editing and got some studio lights!  

I hope you guys love this piece and especially the hardware on it!  If you haven't already, go check out the thousands of options that D. Lawless Hardware has over on their site :)

Thank you so much to the for working with me on this piece, it was an honor to get to use your hardware!

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