How To Recover A Chair Seat: Super Easy Tutorial

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Hi Friends! I am on my 5th blog post today, as I am pre typing so I can focus on our new puppy while he gets used to his new home, and focus on the potty training aspect. 

So, forgive me if my blog posts start to sound confusing 😂 Ya girl is tired!

Today is going to be a short and sweet post on how to easily recover a chair seat!  I promise this is so easy!  If I can do it, anyone can do it, seriously!


Now, this is no master upholstery class, but it will teach you how to easily cover a SIMPLE chair cushion.  That's about as far as my skills go as far as upholstery goes haha.

Let's get started!


Flathead Screwdriver
Staple Gun

Step One:

Remove you seat cushion from the base of your chair.  Usually there are just some screws on each corner holding it in place if you are doing a chair similar to mine.

Step Two:

Remove the black backing and the old fabric.  This can me time consuming depending how well stapled the fabric is on your seat.  So, just grab your flat head screwdriver, pliers, and a movie and start removing!

Just use your flathead to pry the staples out, and then use your pliers to pull them out.  PLEASE be careful when doing this!!!

Step Three:

Lay out your new fabric, I got my pretty greenery printed fabric from Walmart & ironed it before putting it on, and cut a rough guide leaving a good amount of extra on the sides for when you fold it over!

Depending on the condition of your chair, you may have to replace the batting, or the foam. Luckily mine was in great shape and I didn't have to worry about that!

Step Four:

Start pulling one side of your fabric over the back and staple it down.  yes, I used a regular stapler for this because I don't have staple gun, but I do recommend using a staple gun as the staples will be stronger!

Start with one side, and then go to the side right across and pull the fabric tight and staple into place.  Keep repeating this step to each of the sides.  When you get to a corner just fold it and make a neat crease on the corner, and staple it down.  

Kinda like making a bed!

Step Five:

Trim the excess fabric to make it look a little neater, add your black lining back on with some staples to clean it up, and viola! You are done!

SO simple!!

Put your seat back on, and it looks like a whole new chair!

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