Sage Green Two Toned Dresser: Using BB Frosch Paint Transformer

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!! I cannot believe it is already 2020!!  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season with heir friends and family, including lots of love, laughs, and fully belly's and are ready to kick butt in the new year!

I am SO excited to see what this year holds for this little blog of mine and for my furniture painting passion!  I have so many ideas for pieces I want to do, techniques I want to try out, and so much more for this year ahead!

With that, let's get into my first furniture makeover of 2020!


Products Used:

For christmas I asked for some BB Frosch paint transformer because I have been dying to try it out!  Well, Santa came through and got me some ;)

What is BB Frosch Paint Transformer?

This paint transformer is 100% natural, affordable, and the premium alternative to pre-mixed chalk style paints!

This amazing powder can transform any brand & any color latex or acrylic paint into an amazing paint with all of the benefits of a high quality pre mixed chalk style paint!


That means you can get ANY color your heart desires from your hardware store and turn it into a chalk style paint to use on all of your furniture projects! How awesome is that?!


I LOVE IT!  Keep reading to get a tutorial on how I used it :)

Today I am going to show you how I used it for this sage green dresser I painted!  It is super easy, so don't be nervous!

I picked up this gorgeous piece on Facebook of course, and gave it a good clean.  Then I took out the drawers and set them aside for later, since I wasn't going to be painting them.

I gave the body of the piece a sick scuff sand with some 220 grit sandpaper so my paint had something to grab on too.

Now it was time to decide on a color.  I wanted something light, kind of muted and soft.  I was thinking of just going neutral, but then I remembered how much I love sage green and I had to do it!

So, I headed over to Home Depot and searched the Behr color line until I decided on a color. I picked this one called Forest Path and got a quart of that in a Flat finish and went on home to get started!

So, to turn this into a chalk style paint, we need to grab our handy paint transformer from BB Frosch and mix it up. (The instructions are also on the back of the jar)

I grabbed my big plastic measuring cup and measured out 2 cups of my paint I just picked up. The instructions on the jar are for 1 cup so I just doubled everything!

Next, you measure out 4 heaping tablespoons of the paint transformer and put it in a separate cup. DO NOT add directly to the paint!

Now measure out 2 tablespoons of water to start and add it to your powder.  Start stirring it, and add tiny amounts of water if needed until you reach a donut glaze consistency. 

Tip:  Slowly add very tiny amounts of water to your mixture, it is better to have to add a little more water rather than waste more powder!

Mix until there are no more chunks.

Now you can add it to your measured out paint and mix it up really good!  It really is that easy!

Once it was completely mixed in I was ready to paint!  I gave this pretty little thing 2 coats of paint and let her completely dry while I worked on the drawers!

I freshened up the inside of the drawers with some Restor-A-Finish in Walnut to give them a new life!

I just cleaned the outside of the drawers and they were done!  I wanted to keep the drawers the original wood because it was just too gorgeous to cover up!

Once the paint on the body was dry I grabbed my favorite Poly top coat in satin and gave it two good coats for the ultimate protection!

And she's done!  Ready for staging and a little photoshoot and she is ready to go off to her new home! :)

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