Vintage Jenny Lind Dresser Makeover with The Chippy Barn

Friday, January 31, 2020

Hi Friends!  This post today is exciting because I tried a new paint!  And let me tell you, I LOVED it!!  Not only is it a gorgeous color that I am absolutely obsessed with, but the formula of this paint is incredible.

It levels so nice and comes out so smooth without literally any effort, I am AMAZED!

Okay, I will tell you what paint I am talking about and stop rambling.  The chalk style paint I used for this little dresser is by The Chippy Barn in the color Lambs Ear from their Beautiful home collection, and was curated by Sarah over at Sitting Pretty Home Decor.

It is this pretty super pale green, white color and I love it!

I love the way this little piece came out, so let's get into this makeover!


I picked up this old Jenny Lind dresser off of Facebook marketplace for $40!  I loved the shape of it and all of the details, and I knew that the color Lambs Ear would be perfect for this piece!


All purpose cleaner

I began by cleaning the heck out of this piece.  It was visibly dirty, so I knew it needed an extreme clean!

Next I patched a lot of the scratches and imperfections!  I did't patch everything because I knew the scratches and indents would fit the distressed look I was going for in the end, so I wasn't too worried about it!

I sanded everything smooth and sprayed it with a shellac primer.  I used a mixture of my BIN primer in white and my clear shellac to get the best coverage! Because I was using a very light color, I knew this old piece could have potential bleed through. so I wanted to prevent it the best I could before painting!

I also cut some little thin wood pieces to add as drawer stops so the drawers wouldn't slide all the way back when pushed in :) The last step before painting was taping off the dovetail sides to get a clean line on the side of the drawers!

I gave this little piece 4 coats of paint letting it dry for an hour or so in between each coat!

I didn't even have to do any sanding in between because of how well the paint leveled itself out, I was shocked at how smooth it was once dry!

Once all of my coats were done, I grabbed some 220 grit sandpaper and very lightly distressed the edges of the piece.  I just went around all of the details and distressed where it would naturally get distressed.

Lastly I sealed it up with my natural clear wax from Country Chic paint.  I put on my pretty knobs from Amazon and it was complete!

I love love love this color so much!! I will DEFINITELY be using it again because it is seriously the prettiest color ever!

Here are some beauty shots :)

I highly recommend you go check out The Chippy Barn and all of their gorgeous colors! I ordered 2 other pretty colors from them and I can't wait to use them and show you all what I do with them :)

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