Farmhouse Red Dresser with Country Chic Paint's Color of the Month

Friday, February 7, 2020

Happy February Friends!! 

Country Chic Paint asked me if they could feature me as their Artist of the Month for the month of February and of course I said heck yes!!

I am super excited for this opportunity and am so grateful that they recognize my hard work and wanted to feature me!  On top of that, they asked if I would be willing to do a piece in their color of the month which is the color Devotion!

It is this gorgeous bright red color that I knew would be PERFECT to create a farmhouse piece with, so that is exactly what I did!


(Some of the products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own:))


I have been eyeing this piece for months on Facebook Marketplace, and I saw that it still hadn't sold and I knew this would be the perfect piece to use this bold red color on!

I started by giving this piece a good scrub down. I cleaned the entire outside, inside of the piece and the inside of the drawers because it was super dirty!  Plus, since I was going to be re selling this piece, I wanted to make sure it was disinfected!

Once that was done I gave the whole piece a good sand.  Whoever previously painted this before must have used some type of crackle technique, or the way the paint was applied it just didn't adhere very well, so I wanted to smooth that down the best I could.

It was very time consuming, and I didn't get rid of all of the crackle, but it paid off once I got it as smooth as I wanted it to make sure my finish was nice.  Also to prep the piece, I patched the old hardware holes on the three larger drawers and drilled new ones to add my cup pulls too.

I also filled in this top piece of missing veneer on the top too!

Lastly for prep. I sprayed the piece with shellac to prevent any bleed through and to seal those spackled parts so the paint would have the same finish as on the rest of the piece.

Hot Tip: 

If you fill in any areas with a wood filler or spackle, it is a good idea to spray a shellac or primer over top to prevent the filler from absorbing a lot of the paint and making it noticeable that those areas were filled.

After alllllll of that crazy prep was done, we were FINALLY ready for paint.  As I said earlier I am using Country Chic'c Paint in the color Devotion for this project.

Because this is a bright red, you will need more coats than say a deeper red or a pink. So just take that into consideration when purchasing the amount of paint you think you need for your piece.

I used a whole quart of this paint, but you will find out why in a second.

So, I started out by brushing on my paint with my favorite Country Chic oval Paintbrush, but I realized it would need a ton of coats.  I decided to switch over to my sprayer because I new it would give better coverage being sprayed, with that said, using a sprayer does also use more paint, so just be aware of that!

Here is my first coat of brushing it on:

I gave this piece probably 3 coats brushed on and 1 1/2 coats sprayed on.  I lightly sanded between coats for a smooth finish!

I wanted to deepen the color of this red a little bit to make it a little more farmhouse-y (is that a word? nope haha) and bring out the details with some black wax.

When using black wax, you want to first apply a clear wax to help it spread out evenly and make it easier to wipe of the excess and work with it!  So that is exactly what I did.  

I worked in sections applying the natural wax, then applying the black wax and wiping it back to my desired effect.  I did this over the whole piece and just added my black wax to my hearts content.

I spray painted some old knobs from an old piece black for the top smaller drawers to match the cup pulls I would be using on the larger three drawers.

Once I put the hardware on I was done!  This pretty farmhouse dresser is ready for a new home, and I can't wait to see what someone does with it!

Don't forget to try out Country Chic Paint's color of the month for February in the color Devotion, and any of their other gorgeous colors provided on their site!

I have a code for you listed below :)

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