Pale Blue Empire Dresser with The Chippy Barn Paint

Monday, February 17, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  I hope you have an amazing day filled with lots of love! :)

Todays makeover is going to be short and sweet, although the process was not LOL.  

For this piece I am going to be using this GORGEOUS pale blue color from The Chippy Barn called Blue Ridge!  This color was curate by the amazing Anne Michelle from Amini Design Ashburn.

This gorgeous color is a muted pale blue with warm calming tones.  It is seriously such a gorgeous color and I am excited to share what I did with it with you all!


I scored this awesome piece at Goodwill, and I was so happy about it!


Orbital Sander

The top had some chipping veneer, but that wasn't anything to worry about for me ;)  So I started out by peeling off the chipping veneer and sanding a few bubbling spots!  I mixed up a batch of bondo and filled in those spots of missing veneer, because it wasn't necessary to remove it all because it wasn't that bad!

After the bondo had dried and I had sanded everything smooth, it was time to move this baby inside and clean it up!

I took off all of the hardware and scrubbed it down.  I primed this piece with my BIN primer to block any potential stains that could come through the light color that will be going on it!

I smoothed out the primer just a little bit, and got to painting.  I gave this piece three coats of my Chippy Barn paint in Blue Ridge.

After the paint was completely dry I gave it a quick sand with a 400 grit sandpaper and started to wax.  I just used my natural wax from Country Chic Paint and a wax brush to apply it and really worked it into that paint.

When waxing a piece, think of it as rubbing lotion on your hands, you really want to work that wax into the piece and wipe off the excess at the end!

Now it's time to line the drawers and the inside.  I picked up this pretty ticking stripe fabric in a white and dark blue from hobby lobby and lined my drawers and the inside of the cabinet with it using some Mod Podge to adhere it.

I put on my cute knobs form Hobby Lobby and she was done!

I love the contrast this fabric gave on the inside, and I LOVE those amazing pendant drop pulls I found at Hobby Lobby, those are what dreams are made of.

I feel like the knobs and the drawer liner really made this piece and completed it!

Here are some pretty shots of this thing :)

This piece has already gone off to it's new home to an expecting mother and I couldn't be anymore thrilled!

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