Waverly Chalky Finish Paint Review: Walmart Sells Chalk Paint?!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Today's post is going to be a chalk paint review!  I love trying new paint brands, so when I heard that Walmart sells a chalk style paint on the cheap, I was intrigued!  I have seen a couple fellow furniture artists such as Christina from pretty Distressed & Kacha use this paint before so i really wanted to try it out!

(This post is not sponsored in anyway shape or form, the paint used was purchased with my own money and all of these opinions are 100% my own!) 


First, I want to talk a little bit about the brand and introduce it to you guys, and then we will get into the Review & Demo portion!

The brand we are going to be reviewing today is Waverly Inspirations Chalk Acrylic Paint.  It is sold only at Walmart I believe and is extremely affordable!  

An 8 oz jar of this paint costs only $7!! How awesome is that?  It gets better, a 16 oz jar is only $11!! 

This paint comes in 28 different gorgeous colors!

A few I want to try out are:




This paint is a highly pigmented matte chalk finish acrylic paint and can be used on walls, wood, metal furniture, and home decor!  It is claimed to be a "no-prep" paint, which is a big claim, because although most chalk style paints say they are no prep, most of the time some sort of prep is needed in my opinion!

It is a water-based product which means cleanup is super simple with soap and water :)  It also says the it provides superior coverage with a long lasting fad resistant finish, which sounds like my cup of tea!

Okay, I think I have covered the basics of this brand, lets get right into the Demo!

So I found this awesome Bassett MCM coffee table at Goodwill for just $10, so  knew it would be the perfect piece to try this new paint on!

I gave it a quick clean and did some repairs and got right into painting!  I didn't apply any primer underneath because I wanted to see how this paint preformed all by itself!

So I opened up the paint, I chose the color Ink, which is a deep black and noticed a couple of things right off the bat.  It did have a very strong smell, unlike most chalk style paints.  It wasn't anything insane, I was still able to use it inside, as the smell was only particularly strong if you were directly smelling it!

The other thing I noticed is that is is super thick!

So, I decided to pour some of the paint into a cup and spray some water in to thin it out.  Because it is water based, you can just use water for thinning the paint!

I just kept adding water until it was thinned to my liking.  I probably did 20 sprays of water into the cup!

I grabbed one of my favorite paint brushed and got started!

You guys.... as soon as that first stroke of paint went down, I knew I was in love.  The coverage was AMAZING!

First Swipe: 

It went on so smooth and evenly!  So I gave this piece it's first coat and waited for it to dry.  I'd say it takes the same amount of time to dry as any brand!  I only had to wait maybe 30 min in between each coat!

First Coat:

Second Coat:

Third Coat:

I did 3 coats of this paint total!

It looked amazing once it was done.  I did decide to seal it with a top coat by Country Chic Paint, because I was going to be using this in my home.  It worked super well with the top coat and the paint looks amazing!

Overall, Id day this chalk finish paint was a win and I will definitely be going back for more!

Here is a little recap:

Amazing Coverage
Goes on Smooth
Little to No Brush Marks
Large color Selection
Sold at Walmart!
Water Cleanup
Can be Thinned with Water

Strong Smell
Thick Formula

Let me know if you guys try out this awesome paint and send me pictures of your creations with it!  I can't wait to try it out more and see what colors I can get my hands on!

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