Bold Green Dresser with DIY Leather Pulls

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hi Friends!

Today I have quite the makeover you!  This makeover is using another one of Country Chic Paints gorgeous colors of the month.  The color of the month for March is this BEAUTIFUL bold green color, and I love it so so much!

This piece was a labor of love ya'll, let me tell you.  There was lots of paint stripping, reconstructing, sanding, more sanding, oh and more sanding!  But, it all paid off because this piece came out AWESOME.... although I am a little bias ;)


(Some of the products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own)


So, I got this piece from FB marketplace and I did not expect it to be this much work.  But that is okay because I learned A LOT of tips and new skills during this project which I am happy about.

This is the before of this piece:

Chipping and peeling latex paint, multiple layers.  Chipping veneer with this water damaged sides and little wobble to it.

So to start, I planned off removing the veneer from the sides because it was so bad and needed to go. Wellllll I noticed the sides were made of extremely thin wood and had water damage so I decided to just rip them off.

Next I started the stripping process.  I used my Citristrip and applied a super thick layer with a chip brush and put plastic wrap over the top to keep it from drying out.  I let that sit for about 40ish minutes before going in and scraping the paint off.

I started with the drawers to make the process easier.  So I scraped as much of the paint and stripper off as I could and rinsed with Mineral Spirits and scrubbed it off with my scour sponge.  I did have to do this twice over the whole dresser!

After all of the stripper was off and the piece was dry, it was time to sand the rest of the bits of paint that didn't come off.  I did this all by hand and let me tell you, my hands were hurting for dayssss! 

I just took a rough grit sandpaper and sanded and sanded until all of the paint was off and the drawers were bare.   I also cleaned the insides of the drawers while I did this!

Before Sanding:

After Sanding:

Once I was done with the hours and hours of sanding, it was time to put the new sides on.  I went to Home Depot and got two sheets of 3/4" thick MDF and brought them home and cut them down to size.

I used a generous amount of wood glue and a finishing nailer (that my friends kindly let me borrow for this project) and nailed on the mdf to each side, it was super easy!  This made the dresser super sturdy as well which is great!

Next I filled any little nail holes, the old hardware holes and and knicks and scrapes in the wood.  I sanded that down smooth once it was dry.  I also drilled my new hardware holes at this time!

Now it is time to prime!  Priming is super important when you have raw wood, so I highly recommend not skipping this step!

I gave this piece 2 coats of my Coverstain primer and let it dry for a full day before painting!

Now we can finally paint!  I grabbed my gorgeous bold green paint in the color Fireworks from Country Chic and my Homeright Paint sprayer and gave this baby 3 coats!

After all of the painting was done, I sealed it up with my Country Chic Clear coat and gave it 3 coats!

Now, of course I didn't do enough for this dresser already (jokes;)) so I wanted to take it a step further and make my own hardware.  I know, I am crazy.

So I went over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some faux leather for my hardware.  I cut strips to the width & length of my liking (being sure to account for the fact that I was going to be folding them in half), sandwiched two together (bad sides together) and glued them together with some liquid stitch.  

Next I added some hand stitching all on the edges of the leather to give it a fun detail, punched a hole in the ends, folding it in half and putting my screw through and adding it to my piece!

Lastly, I lined the drawers with this cutie bee wrapping paper I got form Homegoods and I was done!

This was a labor of love, and I can't wait to see it in someone's space when it sells!!

Here are her beauty shots!

Thank you so much for sticking long this long and crazy makeover and din't forget to use my code below and get your hands on some incredible Country Chic Paint Products!

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