Darling Pink Highboy Dresser

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy and practicing social distancing right now!  It is a crazy and hectic time in the world in this moment, and I want my blog to be a place where everyone can take their minds off of it!  So grab a paintbrush and follow along with me!

I have another fun makeover for you featuring another one of Country Chic Paint's color of the months!  This color is Darling and it is an adorable pale pink with purple undertones!

Let's get right into the makeover!


(Some of the products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own)

I picked up this piece off of Facebook and it was in pretty rough shape.  One of the legs was loose and needed repaired, the trim was broken, the previous paint had a ton of brush stroked and the ENTIRE DRAWER was also painted. 

Every inch of that drawer was painted and it wasn't sealed so it was stained and just not in grate shape.  This is where sanding became my bestfriend.


Bin Primer
Top Coat
Wrapping Paper

I removed all of the trim since it was already broken in a lot of place and got started sanding.  I sanded and sanded and sanded until the paint was off an smooth.  It luckily came off pretty easy.

After I finally was done sanding everything off, I brought it inside.  I repaired the leg with some wood glue and clamps and finished any detail sanding that needed done.

I patched some spots that needed filled and then cleaned this piece inside and out and then primed my piece using BIN primer!

I did 3 coats of primer over the whole piece, including the insides of the drawers. leaving the top of the dresser bare wood.

First I painted the walls of the insides of my drawers white with CCP Crinoline.  I did 2 coats of this.  

Next I used my painters tape and plastic to tape off the drawers to protect them from overspray.

I poured my painted into my sprayer and thinned it with some water.  I did 3 coats of paint over the entire piece, including the back.

I don't usually paint the backs of dressers, but since this was already painted in that teal color, I wanted to cover it up!

While the paint dried, I grabbed my CCP Limestone glaze, watered down a little bit, and gave the top a white was.  I used my damp painting sponge to wipe it on and then took a cloth to wipe back the excess!  I did 2 coats of the glaze and got the perfect white wash!

Once painting was done, I sealed it up with my Varathane water based polyurethane!  I did 2 coats over the whole piece!

I put the hardware back on after everything was dry and I was ready to line the drawers.  I grabbed this gorgeous floral wrapping paper from Homegoods and my spray adhesive and got lining.

I am not a fan of lining drawers that are curved, but I actually figured out a good system this time!  I jsut laid out my paper, and traced the drawer out.  I did a dry fit of the paper first, and glued it down, and then went in with my box cutter to cut the extra paper off!

After all of the drawers were lined, I staged this pretty thing and took some pics!

Don't forget to use my code for Country Chic Paint and get your hands on some amazing products!

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