Dusty Blue Buffet with DIY Wine Rack

Friday, March 6, 2020

Hi Friends!

I am super excited to share today's furniture makeover with you because I went out of my comfort zone for this one and actually built something!!

No, I did not build a whole piece, BUT I DID build a wine rack into a piece, and for my first time actually ~building~ anything, I'd say it came out pretty dang good!

Let's just get right into this makeover!


(Some of the products used in this post were so kindly sent to me by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!)

So the piece started out like this:

Old, dirty (straight from a barn), and GORGEOUS!


Teardrop Pulls

I love love love this style of piece.  It is an Empire style buffet and I just love doing these pieces!  I started off by sanding off all of the grime and flaking off finish!

Luckily, it all came off super easy, so sanding didn't take too long.  I removed all of the old wooden knobs and trashed them because they were gross and some of them were broken!

I also removed the middle door because it was just wedged in there and wasn't even on hinges LOL.

So then I sat there staring at it and couldn't decide what to do.  I didn't think it looked weird just as an open space, but I also didn't love how it looked either.

I went back and forth deciding on the easy option, shelves, or the harder option, the wine rack.  I have never actually built anything before so I was just going to do the easier option.  But NO I know I need to push myself this year and try new things.  So I just went for it!

I grabbed some wood from Home Depot and measure my open space.  I am such a bad blogger because I don't have any pictures of this process because I was so focused on not messing up!

Basically I just measured and cut my wood with my circular saw to make walls on the sides and make the cross to create the wine rack.  I used wood glue and a nail gun to secure everything in place.  I will link a similar tutorial below!!
After everything was in, I used some bondo to blend all of the seams!  I sanded that down once it was dry!

I also needed to remove the veneer off of the drawers. I just took a damp towel and an iron and scraped it off.  Luckily it came off easily!

We brought it inside and I gave it another good clean and I was ready to start painting!  I primed the top since I was going to be using a light color, but I did not need to prime the rest!

I custom mixed my paint color for this one using Country Chic Paint products!  I did 1 part Starstruck to 1 Part Pebble Beach and just dash of Liquorice!

I jumped right into painting and did 3 coats of this gorgeous dusty blue color!  While the paint on the body dried, I mixed up a random mix of my colors in Sunday Tea and Pop The Bubbly and painted two coats on the top.

Once the top was dry, I dry brushed some Canape on with a chip brush.  I did this VERY lightly, just to add some dimension.  I will have a whole tutorial coming soon on how to create a faux wood finish like I did on this piece!

After the dry brushing effect has dried, I grabbed my Voodoo Gel stain from Dixie Belle in Tobacco road and sponged that on in smooth strokes!  After that layer dried, I finished off the top with their gel stain in White Magic, watered down a little bit, and sponged it on to give it a white wash!

Once the whole piece was dry I sprayed on my Clear Coat from Country Chic Paint with my Homeright Paint Sprayer.  I did 3 coats of topcoat!

I put my pretty new hardware (all from Amazon) on and she was done.  I staged her up and it was time for a photoshoot!  Here are the pics :)

Let me know what you all think of this piece!  I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone and built the wine rack into this piece!

Don't forget to use my code for Country Chic Paint!

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