Spring Blue Dresser Makeover

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and making the most of their time at home! Like reading my blog posts ;)

Today I have a spring makeover with a pretty blue color called Fancy Frock from Country Chic Paint!  I am loving the white-washed raw wood look on top if you haven't noticed, so we have another version of that for you today!

Let's get right into the makeover! I was an awful blogger for this makeover and did not take ANY pictures during the process at all, so I will do my best to explain what I did!


(The paint used for this piece was so kindly sent to me by the team over at Country Chic Paint, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!)

I picked up this piece on FB Marketplace (before things went wild in the world)!


I brought it home and got started right away.  I knew I wanted to sand down the top and do a whitewash because I have been loving the look of it lately! 

I sanded the top down as much as I could, which wasn't all one solid light wood, but I actually really liked the way it turned out with  the white wash!

I brought it inside and cleaned it up really good!  I used an all purpose cleaner and a scrubby sponge to make sure I was getting all of the gunk off!  I also use an old toothbrush to scrub into any grooves to make sure those got clean too!

I rinsed with water and wiped it down & made sure it was completely dry before the next step.  Next I patched the old hardware holes, because I wanted to switch from pulls to just single knobs!

I let the spackle dry and then sanded it smooth.  Sometimes you have to spackle twice, which is what I did and I just repeated the same steps.

Next up was priming with a stain blocking primer.  I wasn't planning to prime but when I tested a spot with my pretty blue paint on the piece, I could tell it was going to have some bleed through.  So I grabbed my Zinsser B-I-N stain blocking primer and rolled it on with a 6 inch nap roller!

I use rollers because then i can just throw them out when I am done priming, because cleaning up this primer is the worst.  So, I do recommend using something you will just throw out :)

I love this primer because it dries super fast and sands down super smooth!  I did 3 coats of this primer total!

Once it was completely dry, I wait about 24 hours just to make sure it sets hard, I take a 220 grit sand paper and smooth it out.  

Now it's time to paint!  I taped off all of my drawers and the wood top with my painters tape and plastic in one and I was ready!

I loaded up my Paint Sprayer with my color Fancy Frock & thinned it down with some water!

I sprayed 3 total coats on the whole piece :)  After that was all dry I white washed the top of my dresser with my Limestone Glaze from Country Chic Paint and then repeated the steps for sealing my piece!  I sealed it with a water based poly, doing three coats.

I put on my new diamond hardware from amazon and this little lady was done!

Don't forget to let me know what you think of this piece, and don't forget to use my code for 10% off Country Chic Paint!

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