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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Today's makeover is another fun one, and surprise, it's another white piece, crazy right?

My mom has been using this little cabinet that used to be my great-grandmas for her coffee bar for a couple of years now.  Originally we just slapped some white paint on it (before I started refinishing furniture and actually new what I was doing) and grabbed some random knobs.

Well, it needed a little refresh and needed to be refinished the right way!  So she brought to my house along with another piece I am refinishing for my sister!


This piece is old!  So, with age it has gotten worn down, the veneer was bubbling and it was pretty dirty.  But, that's nothing I couldn't fix :)


Behr Paint in Nano White

Step One:

The first step was to remove all of the hardware, including the hinges and key hole covers and to start sanding!  I sanded down all of the drawers and cabinet doors because the paint was old and had a bunch of brush marks so I wanted to get rid of that.  

Step Two:

We brought the piece inside so I could remove the veneer from the top and one of the sides that was peeling off.

I just did my usual trick with a damp towel and an iron to remove it.  The top was pretty stubborn and it took me a while but my mom wanted a stained wood top and that veneer HAD to go!  After all of the veneer was finally off, we took it back outside so I could sand the top smooth.

It does have some worm holes and was pretty beat up, but that worked with the rustic work my mom was going for.

Step Three:

Next up it was time to clean the whole piece! I just used an all purpose cleaner inside and out, rinsing with water at the end!

This was how dirty the inside of the drawers were:


Step Four:

Now we are ready to Prime!  I used my BIN primer to prevent any bleeding that could happen since I was repainting it white, leaving the top stained of course!  I did 3 total coats of primer and let it dry for a full 8 hours between each coat, and 24 hours before painting!

I smoothed out the primer once it was all dry with a 220 grit sandpaper.

Step Five:

We're ready to paint!  I grabbed my painters tape and plastic in one and cover the top, back,and the drawers to prevent any over spray from getting on the places I didn't want it!

I used Behr Paint and Primer in One in the color Nano White & BB Frosch Paint Transformer powder to turn it into a chalk paint!

I just followed instructions and measurements on the back of the jar to fit with how much paint I needed mixed up for this piece.  So, that will all depend on how much paint you want to use!

I thinned down the paint just a little more with some water and I was ready to spray!

I did 4 coats total over the whole piece to get a nice crisp white finish!

While the paint dried, I took off my plastic from the top and stained it with Varathane Espresso stain for a rich deep wood tone!

Step Six:

Now It was time to seal!  I used my water based poly for this and sprayed on 3 coats of sealant over the whole thing.

I waited a full 2 days before sealing because I used a oil based stain!  I decided to go back in with my painting sponge and two 3 additional coats of topcoat for ultimate protection on the top because it was going to be used in a Kitchen.

Step Seven:

Now were ready for the finishing touches.  I lined my drawers and the inside of the cabinet with a black and white buffalo check wrapping paper I had left over from Christmas!

I put my black pray painted hinges, screws, and key hole covers back on.  And then I added my hardware!  I just used some simple black knobs and black cup pulls for the larger drawer.

And she was done!  I can't wait to see this piece back in my mom's kitchen with its fresh new look!

Let me know what you all think and don't forget to follow me over on Instagram to keep up with me as I create these pieces in live time!

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