Emerald Green MCM Dresser Makeover with Behr Paint

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Good Morning everyone!

Today's makeover is featuring my personal MCM dresser that I have in my master bedroom!  I rarely ever paint things for myself these days, because everything is already painted!  But, my dresser needed a makeover so it fit the vibe of our master.

So, let's get into the makeover!


I've had this dresser for about 9 months now.  I picked it up on Facebook Marketplace when we first moved into our new home and I still love it!  MCM is my jam, and affordable MCM is even better.

It was just wood and I loved that look, but once we redid our room, I wanted to bring the bold green color from our wall over to our dresser!

Here is what our master bedroom looks like to help you visualize:


Behr Paint in Dark Everglade

So, we brought this baby downstairs and I got to work.  I cleaned it really well and patched up any holes or chipping veneer with spackle and then sanded it smooth once it was dry!

I primed the drawers to seal in the spackle with my favorite BIN primer and a 4 inch microfiber roller, doing 3 coats.  I let it dry for a day and then smoothed it out with 320 grit sandpaper and we were almost ready for paint!

I wrapped my drawers up in my painters tape and plastic in one to prevent any over spray that could possibly happen.

Time to Paint!

I mixed up my BB Frosch Paint Transformer Powder with my Behr paint in the color Dark Everglade with a flat finish!  Just follow the measurements on the jar of your BB Frosch powder depending on how much paint you need mixed up :)

I strained my paint and loaded up my Homeright Paint sprayer and we were ready to apply our paint.  I adjusted my spray pattern and pressure and sprayed my whole piece.  I let each coat dry thoroughly before doing another.  I did 3 coats total!

Once all of the paint has dried completely, I was ready to spray my topcoat.  I use my favorite water based poly from Varathane in my sprayer and apply 3 coats over the whole piece.

And were done!  I love how this brings the wall color over to the other side of the room and it just gives me all the good vibes!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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