Pale Yellow Waterfall Dresser Transformation

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Good Afternoon, or Morning, or Night everyone! Whenever you're reading this, I hope you are having a good day!

Today I am sharing a makeover using my favorite color in the whole world, YELLOW! Now, I haven't painted many yellow pieces, maybe 2 total in my time, but yellow is my favorite color.

So, I ordered Bee's Knees from Country Chic Paint, a color I used once before and I knew exactly which piece it belonged on!


I picked up this cute little waterfall dresser off of Facebook Market place (I had no contact with anyone, everything was done with NO CONTACT, don't worry :))

It has some veneer issues and the finish was flaking right off, but that's nothing that I couldn't fix!



We unloaded this bad boy outside and I cleaned it really good before anything else! 

I started off by using my orbital sander to sand off the flaking finish, be careful not to sand through the veneer!  Once I got all of the finish off, I grabbed my bondo and patched any missing veneer over the whole piece!

After the bondo has dried completely, I sanded is smooth with my orbital sander.

After all of the prep was done outside, we brought it inside and it was ready to be primed! I rolled on my BIN Primer with a 4 inch microfiber roller, doing 3 coats.  Once it was completely dry I smoothed it out with 320 grit sandpaper and this piece was ready to be painted!

I loaded up my paint sprayer with my pretty pale yellow paint called Bees Knees from Country Chic Paint and sprayed 3 coats on this beauty.

I waited til that was dry and repeated the process with my favorite topcoat.  Lastly I drilled some knobs to add pretty white knobs and the piece was complete!

I also had to cut down the screws on my knobs a bit, but that is pretty easy with this cool tool!

Here are the finished shots! :)

Let me know what you think of this piece and don't forget you can use my Country Chic Paint code below for 10% off your first order!


  1. Hi Meg! Your pieces always look so clean. Do you spray every piece? I used your code and I ordered this color, Crinoline, Peacoat and a small size Vintage Cupcake. This is a very thin paint. When they say clay based I thought it was like Debi's Design Diary DIY paint. Have you used that paint? It is very thick. I mostly use it for my smalls. Well I love your pieces and I can't wait to try my new paint. I don't have a sprayer because I really don't have a place to spray plus the brushing is therapy for me. Take care and thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thank you so much! I don't spray every piece, as I find brushing therapeutic as well, but a lot of my pieces do get sprayed :) Awesome! You are going to love those colors! Peacoat is one of my favorites! I have not used that paint before, but I do prefer thinner paints! Thank you for commenting! :)


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